Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eternal Woyane with NO Apology! In Memory of Lekatit 11

By A.G. Michael, Canada
Feb. 21 2008

“Civility is not a sign of weakness”, asserted J.F. Kennedy sometime during the Cold War Era, when the USA and the USSR were vying for global hegemony. Civility, and respecting democratic rights of others were enshrined in the strategic institutional arrangements of Woyane II. This was done long before the armed struggle was declared 33 years ago on Lekatit 11 at Dedebit. The unique social values, norms, tradition, and history that characterize the Tigraian culture were essential building blocks of the social, economic, political, and military institutions of Woyane II. That is why Dergue, with its largest military machine in Africa, which was sustained by sophisticated spy system and military hardware of the USSR, was humiliated and annihilated in the hands of the heroes and heroines of Woyane II.

Unfortunately, the present day chauvinists do not appear to get it. Their stupidity is always revealed through their behavior of interpreting the Tigraian civility as a sign of weakness and fear. They should have read the history of Woyane I, the first Tigaian revolution that humiliated and forced Emperor Haile Selassie to seek help from a foreign power. In 1943, when Tigrai was nearly to be administered fully by its sons and daughters, Haile Selassie begged for help of the British Empire. Authorized by him (Haile Selassie), the British Air Force mercilessly bombed towns, villages, and marketplaces to force Tigrai into submission. Those savage acts were during Woyane I. Yes, the British got involved in the internal affairs of Ethiopia to defend the Aristocratic Monarchy of Haile Selassie. The Tigraian heroes and heroines did not have the military means to stand against the British Imperial Air Force. Consequently, Woyane I was suppressed temporarily until 1975, when Woyane II was born on Lekatit 11.

Dergue repeated Haile Selassie’s brutal savagery during the bitter-armed struggle (1975-1991). It bombed churches, schools, towns, villages, and marketplaces (e.g., the Hawzien market day massacre). Similarly, during the 2005 elections, as the Ethiopian High Court found out, the Inthra Hamwee of Addis Ababa, a collection of remnant elements of Dergue and some shortsighted intellectuals, conspired to commit genocide against Tigraians. It was amazing to discover that the so-called intellectuals were indoctrinated in Western universities to manufacture havoc in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia, using poor, unemployed, and uneducated hooligans. The conspiracy was to do exactly what the Inthrra Hamwee (barbaric militia) of the Rewandan Hutssies did against their fellow Rewandese, the Tutssies. For that, the High Court found all leaders of the Addis Ababa Inthra Hamwee conspiracy guilty as charged beyond any reasonable doubt; and sentenced them for life imprisonment. The developments after the High Court passed its verdict are for next time to be told in detail.

But, there are two fundamental questions that are not answered yet: (1) Why does one ethnic group, which was part of all the evil deeds of Haile Selassie and Dergue, exhibit so deeply seated hatred against Tigraians? Why do the chauvinists from that ethnic group interpret cool headedness, calculative patience, civility, and farsightedness as timidity and fearfulness? The answer is simple. They are so ignorant, arrogant, and ethnocentrically foolish. They keep refusing to learn the lessons of Woyane Tigrai. The lessons of equality, justice, peace, and development for all Ethiopians within the framework of a true democratic constitution are not and never will be palatable for foolishly arrogant chauvinists and for the self-serving opportunists.

The self-serving opportunists, who claim to be Tigraians, are the worst of them all. Their treachery is beyond words can explain. They do not seem to get it. Not only that they are colluding with the enemies of Tigrai, they are also roaming around the world to trade the Rights and Freedoms of their own people for their individual selfish ambitions to grab political “fame” and power. There are also cyber space and radio wave stooges who write and talk on behalf of these opportunists. Shame on them all!

In closing, a few final words are in order. It must be clear to the chauvinists, the opportunists, and the stooges that the Tigraian masses, along with the masses of other nations, nationalities, and peoples, are and will always be on guard to defend their hard won democratic rights. Particularly the people of Tigrai will never be complacent, because they realize that they have been and are the lead players in defending the Ethiopian revolution, which has ushered in a total socioeconomic and political transformation. To that end, as Asghedom (2000) put it, “Today, the people of Tigrai highly value the achievements of their bitter struggle. They are determined to stand steadfastly on guard of their Woyane for eternity. The founding fathers and all the rest of us will die. But, Woyane is eternal. Its torch will be passed on to generation from generation to generation... continue!”. By Asghedom Ghebremicael In the present day Ethiopia, therefore, the people understand pretty well that defending the ongoing democratic social revolution is the only strategic approach to reaping the benefits of peace, justice, unity, and equality. Then, the war against the pervasive and abject poverty will be won. That is why we all should say eternal Woyane with no apology!

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